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CQD data is at your fingertips to see all your analytics quickly. Our preset filters will steer users in the right direction. Get as granular as you want filter down to the week/day/hour. Mix or match Visuals, KPIs, and Tables pin them to custom dashboards and send as one-click reports, scheduled or send one time, whatever you need effortless and instantly.

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Microsoft Teams is one of the fastest growing fully integrated communication tools out there. Users are drawn to the ability to keep conversation in context to business critical applications and processes. However, companies need help understanding where adoption has been successful and how they can best keep track of their user community.

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Integration with MS Teams requires authorization from your administrator. If you have the Teams Admin credentials you can authorize yourself. See the setup guide for details regarding the integration of Microsoft Teams with Expo XT. A few simple steps and you will be on your way to the best Reporting and Analytic app available. 

Teams Reporting

A quick and easy walk through on the installation Expo XT. Few clicks as possible up and running in under 10 minutes.

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